My husband and I purchased the TOTEaTOT for a recent trip to London.

We had multiple flights to take and a toddler and an infant to worry about... our toddler daughter is a "runner" so we needed something to put her in when we were going through the airport to catch our various flights. We also needed a way to transport her car seat since we wanted her strapped in safely during the flights. We used our stroller for our infant and taking a double stroller was out of the question - too bulky.

TOTEaTOT was the perfect solution. It was SO much easier to get the car seat through the airport. I would buy this product for that alone. I have had so many "car seat bags" that have broken while dragging them around the airport or were too bulky and heavy for me to carry while trying to also drag my carry-on. The fact that you can actually strap your toddler into the car seat, too, is just a bonus. It kept our toddler happy because she could see everything that was going on. It kept us happy because it got both her, her car seat and the carry-on luggage all the way from point A to point B very easily. On at least one of the flights we were able to roll her all the way onto the plane, unlatch the car seat and lift it onto the airline seat while she was still strapped in. I loved this product and will use it again for our next trip.

Meghan, Rapid City


It is very simple to install and really frees up your hands. When we were not using it, the TOTEaTOT was easy to store and did not take up much space. A great simple design.

Overall, a great invention. We have a car seat bag, but the bag and car seat are very cumbersome. The TOTEaTOT makes carrying both the car seat and our son very easy.

Good luck with the product. I have recommended it to all our friends who travel.

Mark, Seattle

While traveling alone with my two-year-old, all of our luggage, and his Britax Wizard car seat, we had to take all of our luggage as carry-on due to a connecting flight situation. As we were getting off the plane, a number of people offered to help and could not understand how I was going to manage everything. Once off the plane, I stopped, strapped the car seat on with the TOTEaTOT, hung my other carry-on bags onto the rolling suitcase handle, and off we went, leaving many stunned onlookers behind us.

Kara, Derwood, MD


First and foremost I really loved the TOTEaTOT. Being a single parent in the military living in Japan it is not often I get to go back to the USA to visit. I knew after I had my daughter it would have been awhile before I traveled but when I did I knew it was going to be a journey.

My daughter is 11 months old and I decided to go on a 16-hour flight with three connecting flights. The TOTEaTOT saved my arms more than I can say. There would have been no way possible I would have been able to carry her/push her in a stroller, carry a diaper bag and a carry on bad PLUS a car seat. I saw TOTEaTOT on a review on an item I was looking into buying on The item was the Stroll-N-Sit a stroller/car seat and on the reviews one lady mentioned the TOTEaTOT. I am glad I listened to her review and purchased your item. However, there are 2 things that I think would improve this item from a 8 out 10 rating to perfect 10.

1) The straps that go around the luggage to snap the car seat should be much longer. I have a Britax car seat so it's a big car seat and had the straps been a millimeter shorter I would not have been able to snap it and I had to pull with all my strength to get it snap. If the straps were longer it would have been great!

2) The only other thing that needs improvement is the long hole that TOTEaTOT goes over the handle of the luggage needs to be longer as well. I didn't even have a normal size carry luggage mine was quite smaller than the ones most people use and I actually had to cut the hold longer and still be sturdy to hold the car seat.

All in all, it was the best product I have ever came across to help traveling more of an ease than a pain. I hope this feedback helped and of all the many, many, many people in the airport that asked me what that is and where I got I was quick to say!!!

U.S. Military Stationed in Japan
TOTEaTOT Note: Design changes have already been implemented for latest style.

Thank you so much. I received my TOTEaTOT order about 4 or 5 days after you sent it. I am sharing your product with everyone here, because all of us travel so much.

Also, I wanted to share with you that I had a friend who is a parachute rigger in the Navy check out the TOTEaTOT by the Navy's safety standards. He was greatly impressed with the design and safety of this wonderful and unique product. In case you are interested, the clips used were safety tested by him and held up with over 1,000 pounds of pressure.

I hope you receive many more orders and are truly successful with your endeavors. I will continue to tell as many families as I can about this.

U.S. Military Stationed Abroad

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