Ever since I was a young boy, I always had a passion for discovery and invention. Now as a father of two small children, I knew I could use this zeal to create a product to make traveling with a family easier.

I was finally passionate enough to make one of my imaginings a reality. Yes, traveling with our two small boys was that tough! Even when we only had our first son, stumbling through the airport was a nightmare. Our arms were filled: the stroller, the child car seat, the carry-on luggage, the diaper bag, meals and our son! Now with two children, it's even tougher.

I long contemplated what would make air travel easier. After many drawings on napkins, I finally designed a solution that is fast, easy and safe. TOTEaTOT has made traveling practically a breeze. Our youngest child is happy on the airplane seated in his own car seat, not to mention safer. We don't have to lug the child car seat through the airport, nor rent one at our destination.
And we can do it all in one hand!

Even with our first trial runs going through airports with prototypes, we had many folks tell us they wish they had something like that when their kids were young, and others stop us to ask us where they can get one too.

Thank you for your interest in TOTEaTOT. The hassles with traveling with small children are over.... we hope you'll agree.




U.S. and International patents pending
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